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What is Monroe Sound Science?

Monroe Sound Science



















Monroe Sound Science is our proprietary sound technology produced exclusively by the Monroe Institute and used in our program, products and Expand meditation app. 

Monroe Sound Science is a combination of sound techniques that include binaural beats, as well as frequency, amplitude, phase modulation and more. Today, we utilize more than 50 different techniques for creating sound frequencies designed to assist listeners to rapidly move into targeted beneficial states of expanded awareness. 

Bob Monroe was an innovator, and the Monroe Institute continues his legacy through the advancement of our Monroe Sound Science and programs. Research and experiential use has proven its effectiveness.

Brainwave Frequencies















Brainwaves are produced by synchronized electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other. The human brain contains an average of 86 billion nerve cells called neurons. Neurons generate and transmit electrical signals (brainwaves) that transmit information.

At Monroe, we map and measure the effects of our sound technology, Monroe Sound Science, on brainwave frequencies using EEG. This allows us to create meditation exercises that produce brainwave entrainment effects that achieve specific desired states of consciousness. Below is a participant in Monroe's Discovery program.




Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment, also referred to as brainwave synchronization or neural entrainment, as used in Monroe research, refers to the natural synchronization of brainwaves to the rhythm of periodic external stimuli, such as drumming, ocean waves, binaural beats, and other types of sound technology that encourages entrainment. Monroe Sound Science incorporates many types of audio technology.

  • Binaural Beats

  • Monoaural

  • Isochronic Tones

  • Frequency Modulation

  • Spatial Angle Modulation

  • ...and more

















Grab your headphones, relax and enjoy this free audio sample
to experience the deep relaxation and instantaneous expanded
meditative state that Monroe Sound Science provides.


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