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Monroe institute Europe


Monroe Institute


The Global Awakening of Humanity



To enhance worldwide cooperative efforts in furthering the exploration of consciousness, expanded awareness, and discovery of self.




     The Monroe Institute provides experiential education programs facilitating the personal exploration of human consciousness. Over the last 40+ years, tens of thousands of people have attended the Institute’s residential and outreach programs, and millions have benefited from our educational materials.


     The Monroe Institute also serves as the core of a research affiliation investigating the evolution of human consciousness and making related information available to the public. The Institute is devoted to the premise that focused consciousness contains solutions to the major issues of human experience.


     A greater understanding of such consciousness can be achieved through coordinated research efforts using an interdisciplinary approach.  For this reason the Institute is working in collaboration with researchers and clinicians in many areas, especially through university and clinical collaborations and our Professional membership and Board of Advisors. 


     The results of such research efforts are meaningful only if there are practical applications—something of value for our contemporary culture. As a nonprofit educational and research organization dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness, the Institute proposes to introduce or enhance abilities that will constructively change humankind’s direction and destiny.






     Ours is a mission of service in which we use the technology created at The Monroe Institute to better the lives of all those we can reach.  Bob Monroe wanted to provide something of value to humanity, help people lead better and more fulfilling lives. 


     We strive to carry out that legacy by reaching out to communities that can benefit from this technology, not only those who are able to come to our programs.   We are working on several projects with this intent.


     The Institute is internationally known for its participatory educational programs that provide opportunities for the personal exploration of expanded states of consciousness.

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