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At Monroe Institute, we use Monroe Sound Science as a tool for research studies and the active exploration of consciousness in our experiential programs.


Our research focuses on the following objectives: 

  • Establishment and facilitation of coordinated studies of human consciousness using interdisciplinary approaches

  • Promote the understanding that consciousness research is most meaningful when there are practical applications

  • Search for and investigation of various tools and techniques to facilitate evocative and transformative altered states of consciousness

  • Publishing the results of our consciousness research studies

  • Providing a forum for dialogue regarding consciousness research, the ethics and future of the field and application of consciousness research


Participating in Research

If you are considering participating in one of our research studies during your retreat at our Virginia campus, you may email Nancy at or call her at 434-361-1500 for more information.

Research Collaborators

Monroe partners with organizations such as IONs and the University of Virginia's  Division of Perceptual Studies to research conduct additional studies on the benefits and effects of our audio technology and programs. These studies are exploring the effect of Monroe Sound Science on brainwave activity, including synchronous gamma frequencies that could be indicating a bridge of awareness from subconscious to super-conscious states.

If you wish to conduct research in collaboration with our team of researchers please submit a formal proposal to the above email in adherence to our professional and ethical standards.

Current and Upcoming Research Studies


As this research unfolds, Monroe Sound Science technology will continue to grow in its support of the study and experience of expanded states of consciousness.   

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