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Conscious Presence®

Join TMI’s skilled trainers for this in-depth intensive exploration of consciousness. Awaken to the realization that you are connected in very special ways to physical, energetic and timeless dimensions beyond what you generally observe.  It is these connections that define the true nature of the Self and lead to understanding your life’s purpose.

Strengthen Your Ability to Attain Higher Levels of Focused Consciousness

Throughout the program you have the opportunity to experience a vast matrix of information that is sometimes referred to as intuition, inspiration, revelation, transcendence, and even divine knowledge. When you choose to accept these ways of knowing, you realize true Conscious Presence.  Such a path requires mindful intentions. Are you ready?


Transcend to Discover What Lies Beyond this Earth Realm

The Conscious Presence Program is a 5-day/6-night residential program held at The Monroe Institute in Virginia. The program is an educational and experiential journey of the latest understandings of consciousness designed to move you along a deliberate path to greater awakenings.​

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Seek Your Own Answers. Explore Deep Questions

  • Enhance your ability to process information derived through intuition, inspiration, and revelation into conscious awareness

  • Explore the present evolutionary state of human consciousness through the use of inspirational, deep-state, intuitive questioning and non-verbal communication

  • Explore reality via Stream of Consciousness; Spotlight Consciousness; Modal Consciousness

  • Investigate Quantum Consciousness, quantum mind theory, and nonlocal perceptions 

  • Experience the potential of gamma synchrony

  • Practice Remote Viewing as a function of nonlocal intuitive perception

  • Explore reality via Unified Consciousness as a function of transcendence and revelation


Focus Your Intentions Towards Profound Knowing

As you move through this unique and powerful range of experience and perspective, you will better know, understand and become consciously present with the oneness that is within you and the oneness of your environment, world, and universe.  

  • Experience gratitude and appreciation in the clear and present moment rather than "pursuing happiness"

  • Embrace an "in-the-body" experience —going within to find answers rather than going "out there" to get answers

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