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Heartline allows you to discover greater avenues of self-exploration and acceptance

with the final goal of experiencing unconditional love without fear or limiting beliefs.

In Gateway, you learn that you are more than your physical body. In Heartline, you

learn you are more than your personality. By shifting this perspective, you gain new

insights into old patterns and habits, perhaps those left over from childhood, that

prevent you from moving forward and living life to the fullest.

Your Heartline journey is not about leaving the body as much as it is about including the body as part of a process to discover where energetic blockages from past experiences

are held. It is a journey into heart space where the intelligence and wisdom of your heart are explored to help better serve your total self.

Supporting you on this journey is the energy of Focus Level 18 creating the space and pathway to move into your heart and allow greater access to the center of your being.


Described in the Miranon Transcript as the area of the rose color, Focus 18, is the beginning of the ascension point, a vertical movement into the fulcrum of the heart where access to all focus levels, other worlds, realities, and insights is possible.

This advanced program is available only to graduates of Gateway Voyage. To hold a spot please make your reservation early!




Prerequisites: Gateway Voyage or Gateway experience

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