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Prerequisites: Gateway Voyage


     Guidelines offers still another step in the development of a more complete understanding of self. In addition to exploration of your Total Self and creating an ongoing communication with your Inner Self Helper (ISH), the program provides orientation exercises to support the experience of the out-of-body state. Training in the use of a special “healing” energy – either individually or in a group – to benefit both self and others is also an aspect of Guidelines. 


     The theme of Guidelines is to assist you in learning methods in which communication can be established with distinct and different intelligences. Whatever you call such intelligence (e.g., Total Self, Inner Self Helper, Guide, Non-Physical Friend, Universal Consciousness, etc.), it can be any constructive source that has an overview beyond your normal daily physical perception.


     In addition, Guidelines encourages the practical application of such communications and states of consciousness. With practice, a person can learn to quickly and directly access whatever information is needed. Our goal is to make such lines of communication as open, direct, and natural as possible, so that during a business meeting, for example, you can calmly and serenely access the communication skills learned and concurrently apply them appropriately within the context of the situation.





    A more complete understanding of self cannot be more appreciated than from the out-of-body experience. Realizing that you exist apart from the physical is but one step on what Bob Monroe called the Freedom Route, a journey of life without fear in which you can achieve your greatest potential. The out-of-body orientation exercises included in the Guidelines program are designed to help you comfortably and safely begin this process. Not all participants consciously realize this subjective state while here at the Institute, but these exercises could be your first opening to a realm far beyond the often narrow confines of your physical body.


     Guidelines consists of a series of unique exercises which provide training in developing these lines of communication. After a review of Focus™ 10, 12, 15, and 21, the participant is taught:

  • to easily achieve the state where nonphysical communication and out-of-body experiences can occur;

  • to speak and report during such states, without disturbing the attained form of consciousness;

  • means and methods of establishing contact with other energy forms;

  • to retain full conscious awareness and memory of the communication and experiences achieved.

In addition to audio-guidance exercises, there are:

  • group discussions

  • application sessions

  • free time to relax, assimilate experiences, exercise, and/or socialize


Give yourself the opportunity to gratefully and joyfully strengthen your connectedness with larger aspects of your self-awareness. Give yourself the gift of ‘coming home,’ to Self and to TMI.

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